Basically I was working on a small lightweight page which can display you certain information regarding a Steam user.

It can show information on their CustomID, SteamID and CommunityID, if the user’s profile is public you can actually see what time they were on last.

You can also distribute the URL which will show the same stuff to another friend

In my latest versions I added a colour changing method, it’s also quick and works well.

Heres just a few example of what you can do with this:

Click here to visit this

Also: I will be looking into getting a domain name for this soon, until then folders are all I got for now.
I’m looking to replace them bright as eye fucking colours, give me suggestions and it would help if you can post the CSS code.

Some useful information geeks want to know:
XHTML Strict validated
CSS validated
IE supported, if people still use that.

Reminder: It does fail at times, remember clicking the Search button again solves your problems :smiley:

Its slow as fuck and 404’d twice I tried it, I won’t use it.

Give me the links which 404’d you, and where the fuck do you live, in africa or some shit.

I’m in Australia and this server is in American, loads fine for me.

Go check your internet out.

I live in fucking germany.

I tried looking up my steamid twice, and I was browsing facepunch when it 404’d.

Try not to use the www.

What browser are you using?

I see your results fine here:

If you manually enter the URL make sure you have the # at the front.

This is quite helpful, thanks.

This actually is helpful.


Fixed it sometimes not loading due to issues with Zlib.
Made some new effects for it to slideUp before searching a new profile.

To come:

Cookies for the colour instead of sessions, so it works globally with www. and non www.


Colour suggestions from people
Suggestions overall.

Did you not know about this, or…? Your is definitely prettier, but seriously you could have at least changed the name.

My friend wrote that, I used to have one myself back in 08 when there was no steam api.
When I saw his, I felt like writing a new one myself.

I’m up for a name change, with suggestions of course.

Your friend has what connection with Xenon?

I have no idea, I don’t think he has any, I’ll ask him why that’s there.

He gets something in return apparently, a referral.

Wow stalker app is stalking me

Can do, is useful for finding alt accounts though, some other communities use this :smiley:

Will work on it tonight, basically will try re-writing the code until a more cleaner and faster state, there’s problem making the script freeze up and not work which I’ll have to correct.

Thanks for all the good feedback, I’m open for suggestions if you have any.

  • Merry Christmas

Not bad, but my OCD says change ‘Vac status’ to ‘VAC status’, or ‘VAC Status’

Ughh, stuff like this irritates me, when people say they have OCD and shit when they don’t.

If you can prove you have OCD ie. medical papers, then I will take my hat off for you.

Fine, then my grammar nazi says change it.

Updated: Fixed the bug with long numbers for CustomURL’s thinking its an ID.
Added snow :smiley:
Added colour white.

Option to disable snow pls