Steampunk Adventures

I wanted to do something in the style of Steampunk :smiley:

And the monochrome version

you might want to adress why nobody actually comments on your pictures.
they suck.

i like it,
good job.

You are the worst poster in this forum

no i’m not.
kurit is.

Kurit is long gone bro

second worst then


I would know, I am one. :v:

Oh god dammit… Now I want an Engie skin with that Mustache/Chops combo…

The Engie should have the Gunslinger on. Then it would have made the Steampunk.

looks snazzy, but the grain on your mono hurts my eyes. Here’s something a little closer to early calotype sepia photos should look about-

that, plus a tad of blur to everything because it took so damn long for the exposure and no one can stand perfectly still, but oh well :buddy:

also I agree on the gunslinger thing martin pointed out. That woulda been neat.

Oh thanks :smiley:
Looks really better =)

I think kyno107 is out to get us