Steampunk Coaxial Chopper

It originally started as a wonky Gen H4 personal chopper, but then Aethir suggested I do it steampunk. So this came out. :smiley:

Original with too much shit on it ( final doesn’t have a condenser :/):
Controls are W and S are pitch, A and D are roll, mouse buttons are yaw, and reload toggles the motor.



Also 80% of it is parented. =)

Cool beans. It’d naturally look better with longer rotors but what can you do?

I Like it. Looks smooth and yet rough. It’s good you took some of that stuff off, it looks much better with out it.

Weren’t those originally called gyrocopters?

Really stable, how’d you get it to fly? Gyro Deltas?


Autogyros don’t have a propelled main rotor.

Shouldn’t rotors rotate in different ways?..
Anyways, that looks fun :smiley:

just good old fashioned speedobrakes. :smiley:


Sneak peek at what i’m shitting out next:

It’s not brown.

You sir are the reason i love gmod. Great video. What are the sound effects from? What addon?

They’re airboat sounds, manipulated with wire.

This is seriously adorable.

Should call it the Gyro.

Oh cool, you can see my walker <:D

I have to say, this was pretty fun to fly.

Gyrocopters are also known as Autogyros. They have a propeller in the back and a rotor that is propelled purely through autorotation (at least during flight). Home-made helicopters =/= gyrocopters.

Uhhhh, is it a bad thing if I managed to guess the password to Wolly’s server after you left, then drive around in whatever it is you were making? (no I didn’t dupe it, I’m not that heartless)

Anyway, it’s cool, but I kind of expected better from you…

Haha, I think I left my shitty steampunk hovercraft there. It drives like ass.

Heh… That was pretty Cool I am going to download this

Your graphics card is getting a little hot. I see some corrupted textures and artifacts.


By the way, I like what you’ve done with the engine.

:smiley: thanks

how do you get that thing to stay up