Steampunk map

I need someone to make a steampunk map suitable for RolePlaying on.
This involves:
-A spawning room
-Housing area
-Allyways/subterranian walkways
-Balconies and bridges
-A seperate spawning area for police forces
-A seperate spawning area for rebels

The general colour of steampunk is a rusty brown. If you aren’t sure what ‘steampunk’ is just imagine steam pipes everywhere in the walls.
The map is medium sized, enough for roleplay to be diverse and fit 32 players.
I am willing to pay $45 for your work - non-negotiatable.

For further details of the map, PM me.

That’s quite a large map for the amount you are willing to pay.

I have a map like this. Was made about two years ago. It is about 50% complete. Has everything you have stated, and more. I can patch it up and complete it if you want me to? By the way, this should be in the requests section.

We can discuss a, better price.


Do you even know how to price up mapping work?


For something as big as this people are going to be doing it for a lot more than $45. That means more money or they simply want to make the map in which case they are going to be doing it on their own terms.

And there is actually a sub-forum for map requests. Perhaps posting your request in there might be met with a better reception.

Doubtful, the same people who posted in this one also read the requests section

I would say ring the price up to at least $100.

100$ for a map is a lot.

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I mean you have nothing to base this price on, it’s just a random amount of money you have made up

Depending on what people want, $100 is not much at all. You pay for the time spent to make the map, not the map itself.

Best4bond usually asks for someone’s first born.

I do wonder what he does with all those children…

Baby soup anyone?

I wonder what he doesn’t do with all those children

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You’re not paying for the map, you’re paying for the time spent mapping and the mapping itself

If I remember correctly it’d be illegal to sell a map

True on both counts.

I wasn’t the one who gave the arbitrary $45, I’m just the messenger boy.
I also realise this is in the wrong section. I noticed when I went into the mapping request section and this thread wasn’t there.

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You obviously aren’t that interested in making the map if you need someone to pay you to do it.


If we don’t the map, we want money to make the map.

Then maybe the one who wanted to map should be here, requesting it.

As the joker said, if your good at something then don’t do it for free. :smiley:

That’s the entire fucking point

If a mapper wants to make a map then he might do it for free, but if he’s asked to make a detailed and complex map that could take a very significant amount of his time to make then he requests pay

Thats not the only thing, people lose interest while mapping, I have only finished like 5 maps, and have actually liked the outcome