SteamPunk Outlaw!2filter!1.jpg

i wasn’t very happy with this edit…but eh i tried

Holy crap that’s awesome, there’s clipping with his cable and the pouch, but the editing overall is very nice to look at. Is it a model or a bunch of parts stuck together?

Holy damn

yea its challenging but fun to mix up the tf2 characters

I REALLY like it.

where did the airship come from? I must know

i pasted it in

here’s the pic

only error is the smoke isn’t behaving like smoke

i just realized that

Wallpaper size one, please.

Cheese, you must’ve used some routine to get that kind of nice blurred edges effect. I can only read a sense of increased lightning in the middle, some purple ctrl+b highlighting and a little bit of desaturation, but i’m sure you used some sort of other routine to get it to look like this, what’d you do?

steampunk my love

wait are you talking about the vignette boarder?

Ye that thing, elaborate on it

i just make a layer then i use a soft black paintbrush and go around the edges, after that…i use 50% opacity layer to trim it down a bit and make it softer

This is amazing. Just amazing…

The bed mashups are ones that look like it was meant to be that way, like this.

Awesome picture!

just gonna say THANK YOU for this awesome pic.

it has inspired me alot.