Steampunk Warship

In response to multiple requests after my first airship, I have made an armed steampunk warship/blimp thingy.

Semi-Serious Shit:
-Took me about two days of solid building to complete.
-It flies using balloons, much like my previous airship, but much more refined and easier to control.
-All four guns are operational and mouse aimed.
-It is very well armored, hard to take down, etc.
-It’s sexy.
-It’s an airship.

As a final note, I am recruiting help for another Steampunk-based contraption. If you are good at making steampunk things, then your help would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to keep quiet about it for now, so if you want to help, I will tell you.

Edit: Woops, Images were broken for a sec, sorry about that.

looks nice, not sure how you’re supposed to see below you in those guns though.

You have to have the pilot lean the ship a bit, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Not a blimp >:O Blimps are soft-bodied, like your penis. It’s a zeppelin because it’s hard bodied like my penis after seeing your airship.

idk, my penis is metal, about 200 feet long, and has metal ribs through it and propellors.

Then your penis is a zeppelin.

  • snip cuz i’m retarded - That thing’s gorgeous…can you slave the guns to the main control unit?

I want to see a skies of arcadia dreadnaught. All vote in favor, say aye.

Penis Penis PENIS? stop going off-topic with your penis. nice ship

i am fucking speechless…this should be the airship for “up”. Just saying…thign is awesome.

The fan blades do move, are you nuts?

I mean do the large blades visible move, or are there just fans that move and fixed vanes…nevermind.


i’m a retard.

No, why would they? It has a rudder and an elevator, the fans wouldn’t need to move.

well idk…shrouded propellor using blades to obtain additional maneuverability, bizarre idea right?

Dude, why are you jumping my shit? Because I suck at explaining things in my head?

I don’t recall ever “jumping your shit,” you have to use your brain with things like this, I was just pointing out that since it has a rudder and elevator, the nacelles don’t need to move.

More phx and sbmp plz

Do the balloons pop if there is a prop in between them and an explosion?
How much does this thing weigh?

I don’t know how much it weighs, not like it really matters since almost no one will have anything to fight it with.

Meeph, where is my credits for the mouse aim e2 I gave you?

Any sort of biplanes? That would be pretty cool.

Wouldn’t want to do that.
Changing the weight makes it fall.