Steam's finally lost it for me.

After going through 3 reformats I’m surprised that Steam and it’s games made it through them without something going wrong. Anyway, now my partition I have reserved for steam is…full. It’s only 20gigs at the moment and I haven’t bothered to increase it but rather to just delete the games I don’t play much anymore. However, Steam seems to feel like it still wants them. I’ll open up my games list and find the previously deleted ones, there and fully installed and working. Don’t know how or why seeing that not only did I delete the local content but I even went through and deleted the unused gcfs and whatnot. Plus, now I cant join any servers in gmod. I get the “STEAM Certificate Length…blahblahblah” error. So, is it possible to reinstall only steam without having to reinstall my games?

I find it a pain too that it can’t be installed to anything besides your main drive…

What? I have Steam installed on my secondary drive, all you really have to do is move the Steam folder to the other drive. Then delete all your shortcuts and re-make them. I used to get lots of game crashes until I moved it the other hard drive.

That’s what I originally did. However Now it seems steam itself needs a fresh reinstall. Is it possible to only reinstall steam on my main drive C:. Them “transplant” it (so to speak) in place of the messed up steam on my “steam drive”.

I believe so, but I’ve never had to reinstall Steam.

Thought so…lucky…

wrong reply…

Your games install themselves again? Are they source games? Because Gmod installs them for some reason (I delete them and they come back when I start Gmod). As for the server, I don’t know.


Install to the default directory, log in while it’s open, then close Steam and move it all to where you have it now.

That’s only if you have them mounted. Just launch Gmod and unmount the games.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!