SteamStatUp() failed

The title is confusing but, i really need your guys help.
Let me explain a little bit why i think his happen, i renewable crashed a bit because of some models, but it is kinda fixed, but today i opened the steam browser in-game (Garry’s mod) and after that crash my computer says this when i start up Garry’s mod

Please tell me what to do i’v done have any idea how to fix it, and i would be very pleased if you would tell me how to fix it…

Thanks in advance


Restart Steam and/or Restart your Computer.

I did, that didn’t work at all.

delete Clientregistry.blob and retry (doing what DatMeg suggested)

Nope. Didn’t work.

Reinstall Steam?

When I have this problem, I click Ok, then close steam trough taskmanager, and restart it. Then it works again.

Reinstall Garry’s Mod or try deleting clientregistry.blob again.



Nothing worked…