Steamwork Mod's content in GMod?

Mods on Steam, that means we can potentially (with their permission) mount their games into GMod and use their content.

So which of them would we want to mount if we can?

Poll above.

Woah, excellent!


Aha suckers, first post under garry :freeman:


Synergy, all the way.

But what content is in Synergy that you’d be able to use in GMod?

Why not all of them.

Doesn’t Synergy have a bunch of custom models and such? Or are they not in the Steam version (I haven’t downloaded the Steam version yet but I remember there being a large ammount of player models to chose from in a previous version.)

Honestly just get permission from every additional mod that comes to Steam Works.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the content in GMod.


Yes but he’s asking what you would use the custom models for.

Epic shit…I don’t know, I keep getting ‘Retried 4 times. Connection failed.’ shit everytime I try to join a server, I just only installed it now!!

Get all 5, but if we can only have one, get Age of Crashesalot.

Insurgency, that has a fuckton of custom content.

All of them, except synergy.

We’ll have a nice load of custom content to mess with :slight_smile:


All of them, if you can’t let it be Insurgency

I’m going to jump on the everything bandwagon.

Syngergy or everything.

Simple :downs:

DIPRIP, Insurgency and ZPS would be great.
If mods would be inserted into Gmod, how long do you think it will take to get it to work?

None of them, really.
But your stupid poll won’t accept that for an answer, so I won’t participate.

Why’s that?

Uhm then don’t post I guess.

I say DIPRIP as it’s maps are amazingly beautiful, along with their particle effects and models.

I voted all, but if that would stage some sort of problem, I’d have to go for Insurgency.