Steamy Steam & Webplayer

We’re nearly ready for the first phase of moving over to Steam.

In this phase the game won’t be for sale on Steam - but we will give beta keys to all the alpha testers which will give you access to the game on Steam.

Ideally we’ll turn off the webplayer version quite soon - so the only way to play would be via Steam.

The question is - would this piss you off? I know the webplayer has its advantages, and it’s easily accessible… but does anyone only want to play on webplayer? Considering that the Steam version boots up instantly, and the loadtimes are less than 5 seconds, and the framerate is higher?

From our point of view developing for the webplayer is kind of restricting in what we can do, and the speed in which we can put out updates. So our ideal situation would be to drop support for it completely and concentrate on the Steam version.

I’m fine with no web player.

Removing it will only really disadvantage those who are playing on computers that they don’t have complete control over. Schools etc (if they could even install the web player that is).

Im cool with thus but heres a question how will we get our profiles from playrust to steam… id like to know that :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I played of the webplayer version, I’d say that any speed / loading times improvement are welcome

This honestly looks like a rhetorical question to me :v:

A lot of my friends I know for a fact have just a disliking of browsers games. They work fine and can become big but putting the game on Steam would definitely increase it’s popularity and give a better perspective to players who are big steam players and will also give people who don’t about the game another way to find it just by looking through the Steam games.

Steam is the present and future of gaming, I’ve only owned your game for a few hours but I say transfer it over asap :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, this game seems to use a TON of resources. I think a standalone version on steam would be easier to optimize as well.

Also, stability. I’m tired of my unity web player crashing.

Remove the webplayer and move to steam…

It’s the heightmap. I think.

In my opinion, do close the webplayer. Even if there are some people who definitely would want to use it.
It’s better to piss off few, than split resources between maintaining two versions. (Paradox Interactive has been cursing this with their promise to deliver a steam and non-steam version of Crusader Kings 2. The CEO said it’s the last time they listen to forum people regarding publishing plans) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just from a practical standpoint I’d rather not waste the memory on a browser AND the game, especially considering on average I’ve got a steam and winamp running in the background already. I’m looking forward to seeing this on steam, and if a webplayer is restricting you then you should probably consider scrapping it even if some majority says they enjoy(?) it.

I don’t exactly see how you can enjoy a web player over just running it but people defend some things tooth and nail.

I’m of the opposite opinion of most others here, I think the webplayer is kinda awesome and accessible from pretty much anywhere giving it an advantage in my book.

Edit : Would those of us who got keys back earlier this year still get access to the steam beta version Gary?

Edit: It does suck though having to go through the motions of downloading everything through unity everytime you want to play the game.

Webplayer restricting development is all I needed to hear. Go go Steam!! Bye bye webplayer.

Get rid of the webplayer, bring on the steam!

Seriously though, seems like some folks are having issues with the webplayer anyway. And why have to worry about both? We’ll all have to switch to steam eventually anyway so might as well make the jump now. I’m excited for the move, keep up the great work!

I prefer Steam more than the Webplayer :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m fine with getting rid of the web player and getting it on steam. It will stop a lot of the browser issues and help frame rates.

I dont want my friends to see that i play rust 24/7 :tinfoil:

better move to Steam

Garry, webplayer has some issues with laptops with hybrid graphic systems (integrated for desktop and dedicated for gaming) and tends to make internet browsing while playing (crafting) almost impossible…

Just have windowed mode from your first release and nobody will bat an eyelid.