Steamy Steam & Webplayer

what friends?


steam!!! and fix noclip!

I would love this to be on steam! Internet browsers vary a lot and some people have issues with them. At least we can all be unified in how we play Rust, so we can assist people who have genuine issues with launching the game etc…


I’ve bean waiting for this for my whole life

I’m all for this move to steam, I can’t wait! Will this transfer to steam require a complete wipe once again?

Move it to steam a soon as possible, would be a great start for a great game!

If you’re school blocks you from installing stuff like steam, it will most likely either A. It’s a fing school computer you can’t run it anyway or B. Can’t install unity either
So let’s go with C. And get it on steam as fast as possible :!!!

Yeah you can play windowed :slight_smile:

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No love for webplayer… Steam tomorrow if you can…

Yay, go for it Garry!
no more hanging all my chrome tabs!

I’d prefer it on Steam than in that webplayer. Main advantage will be that you don’t have to download everything every single time

The game is too big to be played via the webplayer anyway.

Not that it’s a problem at all, but would the servers be wiped again?

Move it to steam, oh god please.

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That looks amazing

Yeah i Like remove Unity Thank’s

Move this to steam right now!

Where are my manners?


That doesn’t remove… unity…

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Servers will be wiped. The question is: When will the servers be wiped.

Not sure if it would work, but if you wanted to play with, example, school PC, then you could just install steam on a USB flash with Rust. Works with other games, so why not Rust?

my body is ready.

webplayer in chromium is crashing like all the time, only playable with firefox for me.

give it to my face now garry