Steel City - Come See for Yourself!

Me and a friend created a ‘Steel City’ Over 800 metal foundations. Its a village we made for the new people who join the server. Like a place to start sort of.
It has small 6-square metal homes for people to put their own doors on, and includes a mess hall, trading hub, medical centre, and a prison for those who decide to kill inside the city.
(It’s a PvP server, but the city is a safe zone)

It also has a viewing platform for the arena we build from spikewalls before any event (the idea is to have to fight a bear with a hatchet or something if you commit a ‘crime’, with the prison being the holding cell until the event has been created), and also has a tower containing some extra luxury homes.

If anyone is interested in joining everyone is welcome. Its a new server, I am an active admin and as it is a fairly small server airdrops have been set to only need 10 people. You are more then welcome to come and see the city for yourself:

Here is a link to a screen shot, but it doesn’t really do the scope of it justice, can’t fit the whole thing in the screen without out some it not rendering…

Any questions about the server or anything about the city feel free to ask :slight_smile: