###SteelRats Cage - A friendly and well configured server for Friendly PVP


The ###SteelRats Cage RUST server is welcoming new players that are seeking the following:

Server Config:
Sleepers: ON
Falldamage: OFF
Airdrop > 8 players (one per day max)
Nudity: ON
Reduced building decay
Reduced armour decay

Server Addons
Oxide Mod 1.16b
Death Handler (Shows who killed who and some other stuff)
FixYourName (only proper names allowed)
Protection (2 hour player protection for new players / 5 minute protection for respawns)
Remover Tool (so you can move your stuff or correct that building mistake with stairs in the middle of the door…)
Local chat (press /l to chat locally only if you don’t have a working headset so you can use voice chat)

Server Rules
#1. Only use Swedish or English language in chat or voice communications
#2. Server is Friendly PVP - go figure! =)
#3. Be respectful
#4. Have fun! =)

To connect (instead of searching through the server list) Bring down the console in RUST by pressing F1
Type: **net.connect ** (copy and paste works)

###SteelRats Cage is well configured server running OXIDE with decent players on it and we welcome you to join us!
You are a player that like respectful players online, you like interactions, sharing knowledge and learning.

Hope to see you there!