Step Brothers [Screenshot]

I found this on my Mac. It was created 8/29/2008. Please don’t ask me to explain, because I can’t.

Thumbs up.

Oh dear, the pixelation is magnificent.

Forgive me for not correctly producing a 2-second lolpic. I’ll try harder to perfect a picture which no one will look at for more than ten seconds.

Hey, you are not the only one you know.

The hair is just makes it 100 times funnier

I don’t even remember making this.

Rated dumb because Chesty did the same.

Chesty’s a tool.

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I didn’t know what trolling was until now, sorry.

I am a hammer.

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You are the nail.

Rated dumb because it is Fumples.

I lol’d.

I am the denailer.
Your tricks are over scumbag.

I’m a hammer. I have a denailer on my arse.

im a screw driver

For your health!

I lol’d at this photo.