Step by step map improvements

Hey it’s kind of an old video that i’ve done but I find it interesting,it actually let’s you keep track of how you make maps and reveals a lot about you as a mapper.

It would be nice if you guys posted your videos aswell.

Enjoy and why not give this a try?

Also I’ve done a few of these so check those out if you like this idea :slight_smile:


This is just my personal opinion, but I don’t like how you changed spots. It didn’t keep flow. If you are going to change spots, develop one part, switch spots, develop that part, rinse and repeat. Don’t develop all of it at once from a changing position.

That being said I’ll give this a shot.

Also, for those wondering how they get the exact same shot each time, move the info_player_start to the point you want to screencap then place in the video. That way each time you compile and load you snap the screenshot and continue developing.

Yeah i realised that,it kinda ruins the blending and what not.

Gonna make one now.

I might do a quick one.

I don’t have any recording program or any movie making thing. D: I do have a weird mapping style.

Here we go.

Ill go to the store and grab some mapping fuel
Then I’ll try it

Here you go. I actually liked what I mapped for once.

op the lightspots made my eyes bleed

Here we go. And it only took 19 hours.

I made one of these a long while back (before I knew how to custom 3D models)

Watching the sudden detail and light switching in the last 20 or so seconds of video literally made may say “wow”.

Heh… Thanks. I didn’t think it would be anything compared to the rest of the videos.

Don’t be so modest, it looks really well done

Made a new one,hope you like it :slight_smile:

Too ,many trees you got there.

I like the idea of these, but from what I’ve seen a lot of you guys put in brushwork and leave it as final.
I might just have a different technique, but when I dev things out, I normally go and remake that block when I go for the textured version. Then I go through and almost continuously revise the design of it, adding more details to it and by the time it’s done I’m left with something that only vaguely resembles the original dev brush.