Stepping on metal acute sound

The sound that the games makes when you step on metal surfaces has a very acute sound, I can’t even explain but it does hurt my ears.
i can’t be the only one

I think it’s more of an obtuse sound for me

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geometry joke sorry :frowning:

I don’t know what the editting technique is called, but when a sound is recorded and it has a fuzzy background noise, it can be partially mitigated by pushing it up higher on the spectrum, giving you a whiny, tinny, sound. For something like metal that already has a higher pitch, it probably didn’t work as well which can be exacerbated by cheap headphones/speakers.
I know exactly what sound you’re talking about too. It’s even worse when you jump around on metal. Interestingly, ladder sounds don’t seem to have this editting so you can still hear the uneditted fuzz in the background.