Steps for Banjo Kazooie map to be imported?

About a day ago I had found a Banjo Kazooie map extractor and decided that I would import Bubblegloop swamp into G-mod.

Problems / Info

The export is a .obj file.
I only have blender
Hammer editor doesn’t import .obj

Could anyone give a description on how I could proceed on this project?

You can try using a converter such as PPF-o-matic to convert the files to an acceptable format, otherwise i really have no idea. You would have to ask the genius/es behind the already exsisting content on

I wish to undertake a similar project regarding Treasure Trove Cove, also from Banjo Kazooie. I have searched for an extractor without luck. Could you provide me with the name, or better still a link, to the program you have

Give me the .obj and any related textures you have and I’ll see what I can do.

E: fuck post date
EE: The extractor you are looking for is probably, going to try it out shortly

Unfortunately the latest version has a broken download link. I might give it a couple of days, if nothing has changed then i may download the previous version. Thanks for your help :smiley:

Btw, i think its a good idea to post regardless of how long ago the most recent was (within reason). I did, and now you’ve help me, with the possibility of countless others :smiley:

Yeah I’m unable to find a working link to the newest one either. If anyone can posting it would be great.

Here is the stand alone .obj file without the textures.


If you need the textures here is a zip file containing the .obj with the textures.

You know, That would be awesome to have all Banjo-Kazooie maps ported to Gmod. Including the Grunty’s Revenge ones, and excluding the Nuts & Bolts ones.

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