Steps from Ground Zero

I focused heavily on the posing of these two soldiers. That was the main reason for this image, the scenebuild followed close after. Didn’t spend a whole lot of time on this, but I’ve got some idea’s for another large scale scenebuild in the near future :smile:

Bonus (Close look at the posing. Feel free to use as reference if it may help)[/thumb][thumb]

Not as complex as my usual grand scenebuild but I figured I’d play around and focus on the posing a bit more. I hope you still enjoy the simple scene!

Any comments & criticism is appreciated!

Nice work. And thanks for the reference.

That’s a good looking model you’re using.

Kind of wish there was more going on, since this is just another case of generic military men standing with strong rimlighting. I like the amount of SDoF being used, not too strong and just enough.

Foot posing is really good. Is the guy on the left that l4d 2 character? His face looks familiar.

It is. Guy on the right looks a little awkward and his wrist is clipping with his vest.

Two Nicks?

I do agree with you on it being a bit too generic, but like I said I was just farting around. Though I should have done more with the scene to alleviate some of the ‘generic military’ genre.

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I just noticed the clipping with the wrist, amazed I didn’t see that before… It’s fixed now though! And what exactly is it you find awkward with the soldier on the right? Is it his hand/arm would you say? :open_mouth:

The angle makes his proportions seem off, and the way his left leg is shifted far left, yet his right leg is shifted facing so harshly in the other direction. Also, the stock for the M14 EBR is clippin in his vest now.

Neat, as always.

I like it, it’s neat.
Also how did you obtain the guy on the right? I have the BF3 Marines but none of them look like that guy.

They are the BF3 Multiplayer Americans, WIPs of Ninja Nub.

Stop finding clipping issue’s! :frowning: Haha.

Well, with my families extensive military background I’ve learned quite a bit about a soldier’s stance and various firing positions. The back leg/foot is turned sideways for support in managing higher calibre recoil. It’s also meant to give more control while pivoting from angle to angle, as well as keeping their balance. I think it’s a little bit too excessive here considering he’s not firing (like the reference images I posted), which makes it look overdone and awkward. Something I will keep in mind moving forward :smile: