stereo (3d) screenshot

i have never understood these

I prefer hi-fi

Looks lovely, I’d love to see more from you.

Protip: To view this image in 3d, cross your eyes until you can see 3 images. Stare at the middle one and try to focus on it. This can take a long time to master, but once you get it, you can focus on the 3d image in a matter of seconds. Just keep practicing.

I’d just… put my finger in front of my vision, then focus on the finger, and move it closer to your head until the two images overlaps in the background…
Then just focus on the overlapped image.
Should work easly, and then you can go and brows google for crosseyed pr0n

Not very interesting image unfortunate…

Can’t cross my eyes, so I can’t appreciate the 3Dness of it.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Nice job

Gah, this messes with my eyes! :psyboom: