Stereoscopy Mirror

Behold, my first Lua script!
Mirrors the screen with an offset to enable 3d viewing with a mirror.


Download: Workshop

I wouldn’t call it “stereoscopy”. It looks like the image was just flipped.

This is what I consider to be stereoscopy

By your logic, your image is just a side-by-side duplicate.

It’s a cross-eye image. True, both images appear similar, but each is slightly altered to give a 3D depth when both images are merged by going cross-eye.

Not exactly; with mine, you put a mirror up to your screen instead of crossing your eyes.

I don’t exactly have a mirror small enough for my screen :stuck_out_tongue:

But perhaps someone does and can use this.

Why does it need to be smaller than your screen?

Well… I don’t really want to hold a mirror at my screen to see a 3D image. The mirror I do have is about twice the size of my monitor.

Did a quick test of the effect, and it looks like this:

Which is actually backwards from the effect you want, which should look like this:

Just flip the mirror around lol.
There’s an option to switch sides too.

Oh, you can switch sides? Alright then. But perhaps it would be better for users too lazy to use mirrors (Such as myself) if the opposite image wasn’t mirrored.

Just use normal stereoscopy. The whole point of mirror is 3d that’s not blurry.