Steve Irwin Saves Cat for Barbeque Brody's Chopper

Really don’t care what people think, I am so bored and my efforts in producing anything good or continuing Vandal are fruitless. So here’s Steve Irwin, back from the dead to save a cat.

A legend is reborn.

… and yet here we are.

I knew it. Steve Irwin is Jesus.

Yeah, and?

Steve Irwin <3

O_O the face is burnt into my mind forever…

I think is point was that if you don’t care about what people think of the picture, you shouldn’t of posted it here

Well, I’d rather have it out here than in my documents folder.

Well it looks nice. Good job.

Star caring about what us people think >:O

Soon as I make a good picture…

You see, I think you can fix that. Just move it to another folder. Like your screenshots.

lol awesome

He’s going to land on another sting ray! Nooooooo!

Let’s not be a smartass now.

You were the smartass posting not even wanting opinions.

Please don’t cludder up this sub-forum with silly shit like this.

It’s all good and fun once, but seriously now…

Dumbass, not smartass. There’s a difference.

What an end.

You’re right, lets clutter up this sub-forum with this silly shit instead.

And we all know most that post here (guilty, I’ll be the first to say it here) could give a rats ass about other people’s opinions. Afterall, I have yet to see anyone criticise someone “good” here with anything other than the mumbled praise between their cock-munching.

All this time, I haz lied to you Facepunch…

For, I AM… GAWD.

I sent Steve Irwin, not to save the cat. But to assassinate Ben Wolfe! :v: