Steve Jobs Ragdoll/NPC

Because that douche really deserves to die. Especially by being pelted with iPeriod Pads.

ETA: I hadn’t realized there was a models/skin section. Oh well, it doesn’t fit TOO well in there either.

Yes… Yes… YES! Do it now!

hurf durf apple r dumb ipad moar liek ifag lololol

If you need to vent your frustration of a person you’ve never met on a representation of a person you’ve never met then you have issues.

Yes but haven’t you ever wanted to kill anyone you never met? (Who DOESN’T have issues?)

I haven’t.

And I don’t.

You’re saying that never once in your life, you never read someone’s biography and said, “Wow. What a loser”?

(When you deny this, something tells me that you’re lying.)
But, back to the original topic, where could I find one?

You read Steve Job’s biography and now you want to kill him?

Uhhh, okay. I think you need to get checked out.

Have fun raging at a ragdoll in gmod…

Also, in fact, no, I haven’t ever closed the book of a biography, looked up to the ceiling and said aloud, “Wow, what a loser. He needs to die.”

No, no, no. I’m just saying I would like to kill him in GMod (because it would be lulzy) otherwise, I just feel like he’s dumb.

He dropped out of college, but later created the most valuable company in the US.

Yeah, real dumb. Bill Gates is pretty dumb too, then. Because he dropped out of college as well.

OP why do you hate Mac soooo much?

why does Steve Jobs deserve to die? he has done nothing at all to harm you or anyone you know. you’re the douche bag here, and you’re the one who need to get his head checked out for wanting to kill someone he never met.


OP, get out. Steve Jobs has done nothing wrong. Why do you hate him so much? He looks pretty successful to me.

Doesn’t he have pancreas cancer?

yes, yes he does :frown:

(I should never have said my intentions, oh well, sam6240, I applaud you.) Forget it. I’ll just wait for someone to. For some reason I have the feeling to tell you that I read his biography a year ago, and really only wanted Apple to disappear, and didn’t really care about Jobs, other than the fact he’s running the show. (However I don’t have a problem with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple (bet you didn’t know that, did you?)) So I guess that’s a quick summary/explanation.

No one’s normal!

I know who Steve Wozniak is.

But think of the people who don’t? When I say “you” it’s anyone who’s reading.

I know, I’m just stating I know who he is.

I know too. Tons of people know Woz.

he is awesome.