Steven and Steves Gmod Picture thread!:)

Here me(Steve) and my friend Steven are gonna post GMod picture we arr makin together like this:

image is broken


Hey! Welcome to Facepunch! Thanks for putting your terrible pictures in one thread so that I may ignore them.

I think this is a beginning of a promising up and comer.

ok prepare yourself

-you need to zoom in
-the posing looks stiff
-why is there a knife on the outside of his glove?
-use a map other than Gm construct
-the guy who has the retarded knife looks like hes jerking off with the other hand
-the middle guy’s hand is clipping the shotgun really bad
-i still cant get over that knife


alright that’s all, learn it early, and dont get Trolololololed all your life.

You forgot that he needs to up his graphics some. You also stated 3 things for him to learn, as the rest is just questions and complaining.

Someone give OP a mop already to clean up this mess of a thread.

C&C, don’t flame.

yeah sorry guys i know my picture isnt that good. it was the first pic i and my friend Steven made byt his computer crashed so he wont be able to put his pictures here yet

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BTW how do u post pictures om Facepunch, the way i did it didnt work

This (Screenshots rules and resources):

Read it, info you need is all there.

And try not to post images made in generic maps (construct, flatgrass, etc.)