Steven's 24/7 RP Server | Jobs | PCMod | DrugzMod

I have made this server to run DarkRP.
The admins and I have added custom jobs and shipments.
The server is quite new, and we are very open to any suggestions and are still looking for admins as well.

IP: - Add to your favorites!

We are still working on more jobs, shipments and adding addons, so check back often.


Don’t use DarkRP, try CakeScript.

I like DarkRP. Don’t tell people that DarkRP is bad because that’s your opinion. I’m not trying CakeScript, sorry. And if this seems kind of random, I’ve just noticed you post on all threads that have to do with DarkRP saying it’s not good.

Thanks for the post, I guess…

You could add some more info of your server, like the custom jobs and shipments you said it have.

Oh cool, another Dark RP Server. Anything that makes it Unique?

^the 13 extra jobs, lol

Yeah, not much unique… I’m having some problems with addons and stuff right now so the server will be down for a bit.

Steven :smiley:
Dont be so Negative just becuase its DarkRP.

Nice 5 month bump?

Okay, what the hell.

lol much?