"STEWART, GET HER OUTTA HERE!" [soldiers run from a big ass dinosaur]

first we get Nazi zombies, NOW DINOSAURS? god damnit hitler :suicide:

comments make me feel proud of my pictures even if they are harsh :slick: seriously


i got ninja’d 3 times by the same guy :wtc:


Holy shit Dinosour

That made my day.

I was like…"hmm not that good scroll right holy shi- :gizz: "


now you have funnies.


I like this. EXTRA: Where did you find that trex ragdoll??

why don’t you look up dinosaurs on garrysmod.org :regd09:

lol i like the soldier just sitting on the handrail watching. he seems so relaxed lol

He’s like, “Wow, what a great view!”

Looks like that’s a Tyrannosaurus Reich

This is why Hitler lost the war. Another nazi experiments gone high wire.
So the run down. Picture got a T-Rex in it and the obligatory child is saved by heroic allies. Guess I have to declare this a win. Have funny.

Oh ho, how punny.

The pun. It burns. Have a funny you to.

What’s the little girl from?

Bioshock 2. Here homie…


why isn’t the guy with the bazooka shooting at the dinosaur?

he’s going to flank him from above


Didnt notice him at first, he’s all like: T-rex, yeah, whatever. Not my problem.