"Stick together" Survivors making their Last Stand against a raging Horde of Infected

Long time no see eh?
C&C would be appreciated.

You stole Urbanator’s pic

You don’t fool me!

Infected with open mouths?


Yeah, are the faces edited or there are faceposable models of infected?

I bet they’re those private faceposable versions.

Who can be so greedy not to share such an awesome thing with everyone?

Maybe it’s not done?

Possible. I hope they’re finished soon.

Dont turn this into a beg-for-model thread please. The Infected wont get released to the public.


Everyone was so busy posing for the camera, they didn’t notice the ones coming from behind…

Alas…vanity was their demise.

Is there a valid reason for this?

Because he is getting paid for them.

That’s pretty fucking weak.

Nice faces.

the posing is reeeeeeaally stiff and static. the whole picture has no sense of motion, fear or hectic action… it’s too much like a freeze-frame… a freeze frame with really stiff and robot-like posing.

i think your big problem is you don’t seem to grasp motion and momentum. all of the characters, minus zoey who doesn’t look too bad, look like you posed their legs and torso absolutely square and then just moved the arms to grasp objects. louis is especially bad in this respect. the shoulders really give it away: they’re totally square even though it looks like he’s getting ready to throw something and/or shoot. remember that the arms barely do any work compared to the tasks that bodyweight and larger muscle groups such as the shoulders and traps carry out so don’t focus so heavily on them that everything else suffers. even the positioning of the legs is important to get across the right message with what’s going on with the arms.

the old “look at yourself in the mirror” thing isn’t always enough. do the actual motion of movement that you are trying to pose and consider each of your limbs as the movement proceeds - where do the limbs start, where do they go and where do they end? you have to show that they are moving towards and end point in your poses. right now they look frozen in time with no intent or purpose at all.

okay let’s look at ze composition:

there’s a nice sense of depth going on with the multiple layers of zombies and the zombies to the left and right extremes of the image frame it well and stop the eyes from wandering away from the picture which is good

there’s nothing really though to suggest that the attack is coming from all sides, another zombie in the extreme foreground looking towards the survivors would have drawn the eyes in to the middle of the picture even more. another good addition would have been a few dead bodies to fill up the floor space and suggest that there has actually been some firing (one in the extreme foreground would have been especially good as it would add to the implication that the attack is coming from all sides), plus some empty shell casings. the dead dudes and shells would have made the picture more life-like and given it some sort of past and therefore made it more interesting. right now it looks like the zombies came out of nowhere and the survivors haven’t bothered to react at all for some reason

sketch-up of what i meant with a couple of the extra compositional elements:


(i’d put another zombie standing on the right too so it doesn’t get so left-heavy but i couldn’t be arsed to draw another one. in retrospect, the dead body should be more central too)

looking at the picture desaturated shows how, although it’s got a decent level of contrast, compositionally it’s very flat. by “flat” i don’t mean that the contrast is too low but, across the whole picture, it’s so similar that it makes the picture flat. although you’ve got a good sense of depth with the multiple layers of characters, the contrast isn’t helping it. there’s a bit of desaturation and lower contrast with the fog in the background which is decent (desaturation and lower contrast as objects move away from the camera is not only realistic but aesthetically pleasing; the eye is used to seeing this effect because of the way light defuses in the atmosphere as it travels) but it could do with a bit more in honesty.

as a hint, try desaturating a picture and look at it shrunk down a lot to get a good idea of the general composition and how it’s coming together:


you can see how, although louis’ bright shirt and the overall better lighting on the survivors brings the eyes in, all the zombies in the background are pretty much just as dark and contrasted as the survivors. this is why the picture is so busy. i don’t mean “busy” in a “hey look how awesomely hectic it is!” kinda way, but more like “wtf where should i be looking right now?” way. add more fog or manually with a soft brush or isolate out and desaturate/decontrast the background a bit more in the future but don’t go too crazy (or even easier, just use the in-game function)

that’s pretty much all i can say right now, hope it helps a little

Bills left boot looks weird.

Other than that, I can’t find anything wrong with it.


They aren’t complete yet. Whether they’ll be released publically is another matter entirely.
The scene looks sorta stiff like I said earlier brah, but the lighting looks banging hawt.

No biggie. Give me a month, I’ll see what I can do. It shouldn’t be too hard.