Stick Torches Into Walls/Ground?

Was thinking about how many campfires i have to have around my house to make it see-able at night and i just felt kind of stupid at having to need all of them. I feel it would be more realistic and easier to players if you could stick torches into the ground and on walls so that it will light up the area instead of having to build a campfire and put wood in it every time which looks bad to the area and is extremely annoying/costly to have to do. After the torch has been placed it would countdown just like it would in your hand then maybe after the torch burns out the torch could stay there only disabled. Then someone would have to come back with a lit torch and “relight” the torch, which could cost some resources or maybe take a certain period of time to relight. Please leave feedback :).

I also hate putting up so many campfires.

Dunno why you got down voted, this is a good idea since theres no light source except for cooking things in a furnace or wasting wood in a campfire or not being able to do anything with your torch out.

Keep in mind that you probably do NOT want to keep your house lit up at night… just a campfire inside your house will light you up like a Christmas tree and make it very easy for night raiders to spot you. Obviously having a light on at night eases the mind, but try lighting the campfire and walking a distance away… you’ll see how obvious it is.

That happens if someone throw some Flares in your House :wink:

Please build more fires, it’s hard to see you in the dark at 500 yards.

Placable lighting is a great idea.