Stickmakerman's SWep Generator

Stickmakermans SWep Generator SVN

I made a SWep generator in C# because i wanted t make simple sweps in an easy way, also I was bored.

SVN Link:

Updated, removed BSoD background, go check it out

You can ofc. type in the Author name, category, purpose etc.

It started as a private project but then i wanted to share it with people over the internet.

It will generate two necessary files, info.txt and shared.lua

The ugly :byodood:

That background… is… horrible.

You’re correct, but I’d probably say “an unrelated background to your purpose.” Fix the background, please.

When I try to open the .exe, it gives me this error:


Why were you trying to open it :byodood:

You’re supposed to open the .exe, right? :byodood:

get .Net Framework 4, i included the DL link in the svn

Pics are too small

Why would you have it set to .NET 4 when you’re using none of the features of it :byodood:

good question

I’m still here on .net 2, because .net 3 removed the address bar.

I’d miss it too much.

I’m on .NET 4 and I have it.
I don’t use it, but I have it.

if i dont use .Net Framework 4 it wont work, i’ve tried so get .Net Framework 4

Or you can just use the win32 API rather than .NET framework

Or you mean use C++ instead of C#…

Interesting but nothing I haven’t seen before.

Yeah pretty much. Hey, is C# better for this sort of thing? .NET and all.


unless your prefer coding your ui by hand

Visual C++ v:v:v

[sp]It sucks don’t use it for godssakes use C#[/sp]