Sticky Situation - TF2 comic

Right click and press view:

Kudos to VMan for his muzzleflash/smokethingy on the Grenade Launcher!

Very nice job on the lighting, very nice simple concept that was executed great too.

Holy shit Haxxer, Good job Bro!

I love the panel with the medic.

Hah, nicely done sir.

It’s a nice enough concept. Also liking the trail behind the demo bombs.

Nice posing and good cam angles.

Thanks guys :smiley:

TBH I thought this was going to be a gay porn comic from the tile

Sex sells

That’s why I picked it :v:


why do you continue to impress me

Cinematic camera angles are incredible. Why don’t you do more things like this?

Haha, thanks. I was lucky to even get an idea this time around, to be frank.

Amazing lighting and camera angles. Faceposing is good as well.