Stiff ragdolls, need help ASAP

I have no clue if this is the right place to ask this but, I have been having some issues with a few custom tf2 ragdolls. Now this may or may not have anything to do with that tf2 improved physics thing. I have the old version because frankly the new one breaks most of the models. I have a few screens of these ragdolls. Please someone help, I can not do any posing anymore with out these. - no eyeballs as you can see, he used to have them. - this is how he spawns, half in the ground. - as you can see here it effects some models but not others.

Any idea what the heck happened? I found it like this one day and I really have no clue what happened.


Tryed taking out the old files and installing the new physic files, but it did not help. I also tryed no physic files and nothing changed.

(another update)

They are spawning as props, any idea how to get gmod to know they are ragdolls? Also the scouts eyes are not missing they are just looking the wrong way no matter which way you turn him his eyes only look at once spot on a map.

It’s because they think you’re hot, and they get all stiff

Well im flattered. But no, lol.

so no one has any clue?


Ok just redownloaded the damn ragdolls to see if I screwed with them, spawned it in gmod, gmod is calling the ragdolls a damn prop. Any idea how the hell gmod is messing these up so bad? Also these are the ragdolls:

It seems they are being spawned as props instead of ragdolls

They are…I checked and gmod has them as props. Any idea how to fix it?

Bump the magic dragon!

Reinstall Garry’s Mod?

Oh dear god no…I’v had to do that 5 times now! :frowning:

i might be wrong, but isnt thier the equilivent of a vmf for models? if so, check there for a ragdoll setting. i might also however be completely wrong. if so, disregard this comment.