Stiffy's Foliage Porting Thread

This thread is dedicated to anything green or can be found lying around in nature. This includes trees, rocks, and ground cover. I will be porting from several games and I intend to release what I have ported here. All foliage from any game I port from IS PROPERTY OWNED BY THAT STUDIO. DO NOT USE FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES!!! THANKS!

All foliage will be coming with
-LODS if there are any
-Modified normals, so they look good in SFM and real-time lighting
-Collision models
-Compiled with $staticprop so any mappers can use these if they so desire.

Let me know if you desire me to port anything, and I’ll see if I can do it. Also post your foliage packs in here as well!


Oh yes, more cool foliage ! Are you planning to port The Vanishing of Ethan Carter foliage ? It’s probably the best out there.

That’s on my list. I also have Ryse Foliage in the works.

oh my god if i could shove your palms into me i would

assuming you mean the trees, not his actual physical palms

Someone asked for the frozen variants of the palms, so here you go
Updated OP with it.

I’m quite interested to see what you come up with in regards to rocks.

There’s a lot of good foliage models out there already, and new foliage is always good, but there’s next to no options for just boulders or small rocks for dressing scenes with. Especially snowy ones.

Perhaps some Skyrim models for rocks? Lots of options in there.

I think we should wait for the new Battlefront to come out, the assets look stellar.

that frozen palms tho… o_O that looks surreal… but good.

Skyrim probably has a good amount of both snowy and non-snowy rocks, so that’d be a good place to get them from.

Skyrim’s rocks are alright, but not very good. Bless Online has some really nice rocks I’m going to use.


Hopefully we get some great models out of this.

Hahaha, sweet job mate :smiley:

would it be possible to port ground models or large rocks from games?

Yes, I’m porting rocks, Dunno about ground planes.

What types of games are on the radar?

So far, crysis 1,2,3, bless online, ryse, Black Ops 2, Ethan Carter.

Then the games I was thinking about but probably won’t because either impossible, too difficult, or I don’t like
ARK, Arma 2, MGSV, Witcher 3, BF4.

Witcher 3 and Witcher 2 are worth the effort imo.

I would do witcher 3, but I my speetree version is too old.