Stig Playermodel

Someone make a playermodel of the tame racing driver from Top Gear.
That would be awesome.

Basically, a soldier painted white

Combine soldiers don’t wear crash helmets…

Nice idea! :smiley:
I wish I could model… :frowning:

Good luck!

This should probably go in the modeling section…

Um, bump?
I want somebody to make this…

Actually, you know what would be even better?
A Stig NPC that drives vehicles.

Bump x2

npcs can’t drive vehicles, execept for npc_apcdriver(or is it just npc_driver) and it follows a specific path laid out via hammer editor… i think path_corner entity, so making a stig npc that could drive would be quite hard, as for player model, i’m useless a modelling, why not try to get a race driver skin off or and reskin it white??

local OMGVEHICLEPOINT1 = ents.create (“path_corner”)

It is possible :3

erm, is there a need for the caps, and npc_drivers can’t drive actual drivable vehicles(e.g. jeep, airboat, jalopy)…