Still Alive

“I awoken to the most silence I have ever heard my time in this hell. My back ached, my legs hurt, and overall I felt worn and exhausted. I have no clue what has occurred, a simple explosion from a mortar and I blacked out, figuring I was killed. Immediately knowing my survival, I use this as time to stand with pain flooding through my nerves and the parchness of my throat from the lack of water. My hair felt greasy and my clothing smelled like smoke and gun powder. We attacked early morning, but now it feels and looks as if it’s later afternoon with the sun just setting. That’s when I started taking my surroundings…”

“My friends… All of them, I can make them out by just looking at their faces, body shapes, their necklaces on their necks and wallets that have fell out appearing ransacked. I still had my possessions after doing a quick check, but it came to the least of my worries upon seeing as far as my eye can see of the empty fields with the entanglement of loose barbwire, shell holes, and the corpses of my friends. Berinhard, Otto, Dietz, Gerard, Frantz, everyone… Everyone is dead, their blood soaked through the soil and completely dried across their clothing. My heart dropped to my stomach and all of my equipment feels like it weighs as an entire tree, enough to bring me to my knees. I’m the only one alive, I’m all that it is…”

“Tears was all that flushed through my eyes, enough to blind me and cause me to cringe my eye lids. My chest shuttering from exhaustion in mix of depression, breaking down to the edge with everyone that I have known or care for in this war… I’m alive and alone. This isn’t a tragedy that I could’ve ever hide from no matter how much I asked God for.”

why is there no lighting

I think you forgot to turn off mat_fullbright mate.

What a beautiful sky! Where u take them?:smile:

Man, that looks badass! Looks like his right hand is clipping through his leg on the last picture, either way I endorse this!

That first picture is not the expression of someone waking up amongst his dead bedfellows. It’s the expression of someone who wakes up on the sofa after a nap, realizing he fell asleep with a pizza in the oven and now it’s burnt.