Still Alive

Could someone Plz make a still alive (from portal) gunstrumental note sheet.

errm what?

could you provide more info please?

Gunstramental is that weapon on toybox that plays songs or something

It plays songs,but you can even make songs with it by writing the notes in its editor.

Try asking in the Gunstramental thread, not here.

Please, not that song.

That song has been played 4 million times in every single server.

But it is still kickass


Its fucking annoying.

Every server has its annoying 12 year old playing shitty music all the time.


Still Alive was badass years ago, when Portal came out.

Then after repeatedly being raped and tortured by little kids over the years, it’s lost its glow. It’s no longer Still Alive. It’s become Sadly Still Alive.