Still cant find a working CS:S Swep

Hey! Do you guys know any CS:S sweps like whenever you gold guns or something it’ll hold it just like in CS:S. For example on DarkRP servers and a lot of other servers’ they hold the gun differently then the normal gmod holding thing. Please link me to a good swep or some shiz to use. I’ll use GMAD Extractor when you guys link me a good one.

Still on the search on one. Also to be more detail. When you hold a gun on some gmod servers they will have a different function. It won’t be like the normal gmod one in singleplayer. It is using the exact same hold gun thing in CS:S

What are you talking about? Are you talking about custom viewmodels?

Are you asking what is a good weapon pack? If so this is definitely the wrong forum to post that on lol, but since I’m a nice guy I’ll post 2.
M9k M9k Weapons
FA:S FA:S Weapons

These are both the base weapon packs. So there are like 4 more of each for that set of weapons. That include a lot more weapons.

yes code. indeed.

Of the SWEPs, just change the SWEP.Viewmodel and SWEP.Worldmodel.

uhmmm…I don’t know where to get a good swep tho.

What kind of SWEPs? CSS SWEPs? You’re being very unclear.

CSS Sweps.