Still can't play in "New" Rust

Can’t play in new Rust like 6-7 month cause of that “anticheat” named EasyAntiCheat

“Rust Launcher Error: NetworkError - Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!”

sorry for my bad english


This can be a firewall issue. If you have disabled your firewall and the problem still exists the problem might be also due to our network protocol being filtered and/or shaped by your ISP. This is a problem for some players and due to this we have now modified our backend to feed the anticheat module by HTTP protocol.

As its still under testing, could you try if it fixes the issue for you? To test, download and replace your existing EasyAntiCheat .DLL files in Steam\SteamApps\Common\Rust\EasyAntiCheat\ with these files: and then start the game from Steam again.

If it works we will update it to everyone.

Omg it rly works, thank you so much, i start the game from steam like 3 times and it works, cant believe it


Thanks for confirming that the issue is fixed! We will probably release the update to everyone during next week.