Still editing, need help to figure out what I can change!

Title says it all, I was working on this picture and I was looking at it and thought “Looks okay to me…but no on else might like it.” So now i’m asking for anyone to say whatever you want just make sure it’s helpful.


You could probably use a better camera angle, and the blur is a bit intense.

Where do you think a good angle is?

Updated, I put the blur down and tried another angle, I just didn’t know a good angle :confused: Still bad I guess.

Hey look it’s towerlight :v:

I just loved the models, but they were hard to model at times :confused:

The angle is ok, the problem is the zoom/ field of view. You are capturing too much of the stuff outside the. Wait, let me find an old thread to explain what you did wrong

Maybe a bit less concrete in the bottom of the picture, the relative angle is nice and the body posing on all the ragdolls looks great. The finger posing on the soldier holding the Desert Eagle is a bit iffy but an easy, small fix.

Just minor details that you missed but it looks great! Next time make sure you turn your graphics up all the way. Do this when you have found your angle and you have your shot set up completely, you do not need to run around with upped graphics. :slight_smile:

Updated, made the soldier’s finger move a little, made the angle less on the ground though I didn’t know how to pop my my graphic’s, I know, noob move.

Great fix! For your graphics, hit ESC then go to Options then hit the Video tab. From there you should see an advanced button, click that. From there up your AA and such but be sure to leave multi-core rendering off.

Get better angles. Zoom in more. Use lights, mess around with colourmod. Right now it looks pretty meh.

Oh yeah also try to blot out areas behind them with environment props.

Hard to find a good angle on this part at the moment.

So statue the models and put them closer together. Or just omitt a few ragdolls from the picture.

Or I could duplicate them instead of making them freeze and fucking up something.

Updated the picture, different angle, different colors, background has more life, closer troops.