Still having a problem with Garry's Mod and now Steam.

So I don’t really know why my thread was closed…but I’m still having a damn problem with Garry’s Mod and Steam. I can’t even log in. It says it could be my connection or the steam service and it’s none of that. Can some one seriously help? I tryed reinstalling it. Did nothing, but cause it to not log in any more. Please help?

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I also even tryed going in offline mode! It still says the connection or service is screwed. Even when I turned off my internet connection to go on offline! Still says the connection or service is dead. Seriously help?

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That’s why.

a bit more description might be nice

I’m uploading a video of the problem alright.

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The whole problem of what’s happening is in the description link. But I can’t go on Steam any more. The first thing that happened was that I went onto Steam to try out some new downloads I downloaded for Garry’s Mod. Once I clicked Launch it said the steam service is to busy to handle my request. So I tryed it in a few minutes. Same thing. I tryed defraging it and it’s cache. Nothing. I tryed to delete my ClientRegistry.blob. Nothing. I tryed deleting Garry’s Mod and reinstalling. Says I can’t download it due to my connection or the service. So I try reinstalling Steam. Then when I tryed to relog on it says the same thing that it’s my connection or service. So I tryed to do the best thing which was start in offline mode. Same thing as I thought it was total BS for the thing to have a connection problem if the offline mode is for offline users.

Scan your computer. Or format it. It MAY be problem with connection but i doubt it.

Absolutely same problem. Do you want to say that a virus or something bypassed MSE and AVAST! and now Comodo can’t detect that too? Fuck .

Scan it with malwarebytes. It isn’t said that it sure is a virus. It MAY be. It could be other program coliding with it.

It can be hard to tell what the problem is. However, it may be something on Window’s side. Try running a chkdsk and see if anything comes up. And if you’re feeling helpless and drastic you could always reformat and reinstall windows fresh. Also, make sure your drivers are up to date and that windows update is up to date

Holy shyt. My steam profile says that I was last online 54 minutes ago.
O wait, It might be the time when I tried to join Steam.

Drivers are up to date, might DL Malwarebytes. MSE started scanning. Comodo started scanning.
Might try with old PC later, but then I need to unplug monitor and keyboard. And Internet to download steam.

Edit: Scanned with comodo, it found something but no help, MSE scanned too, still nothing. Just downloaded malwarebytes, it is scanning.

Bump, anyone has more things to say for help?

Malwarebytes was scanning, but electricity went off :confused:
And I know it is my pc fault, since my friends can’t login too and I can login in my other pc.

This sounds like a problem with Windows instead of Steam. (also might be a virus or something of the such)

First run chkdsk.exe if nothing changes then you may want to resort to a fresh Windows install.

chkdsk didn’t do anything that I would see a difference in.
Malwarebytes scanned, then I turned off my PC. Gonna reboot on morning I think.
Right now on my old PC. Trying to run GMod on 1.25GHz AMD Athlon, 512mb ram and 64mb nVidia mx440. On -dxlevel 60, won’t work. Gonna try with -dxlevel 81.