Still having long unresponsive startups...

Hello. First of all thanks for this great forum. You’re what I call my last chance to fix the issue I’m having since a few months. If there’s a related post with a fix, I beg your pardon and ask you to link it.

Here’s my spec… Amd phenom ii x4 955, 4 gb ddr3, radeon 5770 1024 ddr5,… well, I can run crysis on high. So it’s not a problem with my hardware. And yes, I was able to play garry’s mod before, with the same specs.

I’ve had that long unresponsive start ups problem that Garry had fixed several months ago. That bug had lasted a really long time (I didn’t pay to find myself blocked at the launch pic with the guy holding the physgun for months). Fortunatly, garry fixed it. I was so happy to read that I immediatly launched gmod and played TTT and all the gamemods I love. The issue was fixed for about 1 week. Then a new update came, and here’s the long unresponsive startup again. I just can’t play gmod anymore since months. This is really getting on my nerves…

What I did : check integrity of game cache, defrag it, delete it from Steam, delete it from Steam+from my steam apps folder, deleting the whole steam folder but the games… No, I don’t want to format my computer or delete around 50gb of games just for garry’s mod.

it looks like the issue was fixed since no post has a related issue.

Once again, it’s not a problem with the " preparing to launch…". It’s the one with the guy holding the physgun when the game is loading (I’m just having the windows circle, not even a loading bar…).

I hope you can help a desperate gmod lover.

Thanks, Brainy.

I’m having a similar problem. It’s definitely a problem with GMod since it’s happening to multiple people for the last couple of months, and it hasn’t been doing this before. We can only wait for a solution.

I just bought the game, first time playing it and I get this. Arrggghhh!

So I’m not the only one having the issue, that already helps me a bit. (:

Is there any way to make the fix comes faster? I don’t feel like waiting 6 months to be able to play again. I’m not even sure Garry is aware of this bug since only a few people are experiencing this. I know there’s a dump thing on garry’s website, but I can’t find it and I don’t really know how to use it. Can anyone help? (:

I figured it out earlier today. Have BitDefender? Uninstall it. That’s all there is to it.

If you don’t have BitDefender, I can’t help you. If your problem remains after uninstalling BitDefender, wait for a solution.

Never had bitdefender.

Me neither. I tried to de-activate Avast. It didn’t work… Anyone can help? Or tell me a way to make sure Garry is aware of this?