Still lagging when facing the North of the Map? GET 200-300% performance improvement.


UPDATE 4th November. 

A new beta build is currently online. this one fixes the huge lag that was previously cause by the rocks.

To run the latest version just right click on "rust" in your steam library, go to properties => betas, and here you will choose Dev - Live Developer branch.

Still can't run the game in native full screen? Just add "-popupwindow" to the launch commands.


This latest dev build has tripled my FPS when facing North, I’m getting stable 60+ right now. All is good!

OLD FIX, might still improve FPS for those that run very old PCs:

Right click rust in steam, go to properties -> set launch option and type in any of the following



-force-feature-level-9-2 => All those commands will make rocks look really shitty, but that’s exactly what you need, less detail, perhaps less polygons. If you can’t handle MINECRAFT grafics don’t try it!!!


UPDATE: Remove the glitchy sky just by setting AA to 2x. This can be done from the game options.

UPDATE #2: For most of us the weapon/hands are turned upside down, coming from the top of the screen after using AA. Searching for a fix…

UPDATE #3: Use a borderless utility to make your game full screen. Some people have problems running the game in full screen using the params.

UPDATE #4: Temporary fix for the upside down weapon would be be to go to console(F1) and type in -1 This will make your weapon hidden, or only barely visible depending upon various factors. You can also try suiciding after you do this suicide and it should

Example command(the one added as launch parameter in steam, before starting the game):

-force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow -nolog

the -popupwindow command will make the game run borderless from the start. Use this with window mode if you can’t run the game in full screen. It will be the same, just run your native desktop resolution and you will have a full screen borderless window :wink:

the -nolog command will disable the log that unity creates whenever you start the game. It might not make much of a difference in performance though, if any at all.


Minimal performance improvement



Problem… because it uses a very old pixel/vertex shader with the the skybox, the light from the sun won’t be cast and it will get messy.

As far as it concerns me, if we fix the sky glitch, i don’t care about the stupid rocks, game will work 200% better.

Found this useful, donate to my paypal /sarcasm

Will try this when i get home.

Good job on posting this.

Trying out each setting. Already did -force-feature-level-9-1 and -force-feature-level-9-2 both are creating a sky glitch with replicating textures. Remind me of when you stare into no skybox in garrys mod. I will be back later to try the other settings.
Edit: forgot to say the FPS is definitely improved.

I personally did the -dxlevel 90

Didn’t really notice improvement cause i’m not sure if this game supports dx9 but dx9 is better for performance.

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Noticed a HUGE like 30 fps increase with -force-feature-level-9-2 but the sky was EXTREMELY glitchy.

same thing with -force-feature-level-9-1

-force-feature-level-9-3 same thing.

FPS increased by ALOT.
Made the game extremely playable but the menu glitches and the sky and stuff.

Look for more launch parameters.


You’ve done those

-force-opengl (Windows only)
Make the editor use OpenGL for rendering, even if Direct3D is available. Normally Direct3D is used but OpenGL is used if Direct3D 9.0c is not available.

-force-d3d9 (Windows only)
Make the editor use Direct3D 9 for rendering. This is the default, so normally there’s no reason to pass it.

-force-d3d11 (Windows only)
Make the editor use Direct3D 11 for rendering.

Those were posted by gary and they do help a bit, but it’s different for everyone. You will get a bit of performance, maybe some stability, yes, but that’s it.

Changing the shaders entirely, to make a better comparison so you understand it’s like That “awesomness bar” would drop to another -100… it’s like you could make the game look as ugly as possible.

Arguably, some won’t like it, but not because of the rock textures, but because of the sky.

That’s why we need Gary in here or some guy that knows stuff about unity. I just stumbled upon those, searched for quite a while trying to improve my performance. What can I say, it’s shitty, but at least it works now, some can actually play the game…

Trying the openGL one.

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I saw slight improvement with the openGL launch parameter.

If we can find a way to use -force-feature-level-9-2 without the glitching, everyone can play the game.

That one worked the best. Literally had about 50 frames.

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-force-feature-level-9-2 is my favorite one, I get at least 60 frames.

Sky is glitching though, f1 console doesn’t work, and esc menu options go away.

9-01 and 02 crashes game on loading map, 3 is glitchy and the rest doesnt really help…

Hmm i used these and it didn’t let me use the console for example “suicide” but an extra 50 fps in crease went from 30 to 80

That’s what I said, doesn’t let you use the console.

Hope Garry can see this and work with it or something, would be really neat.

Glad it works and u are getting more FPS.

I got from 30 FPS when facing north, everything on low, grass turned off to over 60. It woudl never drop below 60. Before I got 60 FPS only when looking in the direct opposite direction, towards the ocean.


Either, put in a draw distance option, some kind of fog, or make objects that are not in direct line of sight not render, what’s the point anyway…

Indeed, the 10 and 11 versions won’t do much, if at all. I guess that’s it, if it crashes, there’s nothing else it can be done.

If only we could find a fix for the flickering textures that are flying around instead of the skybox.

Game will get fixed at 1 point, I’m sure of it, but people want to enjoy it now.

I keep on joining servers and see almost everybody complaining of crashes, loding screen issues and performance issues, quite sad…

I agree with you completely, they need to not render everything at once.

Also try -high

EXACTLY! This needs to be noticed, I even sent Gary a PM, but I doubt I’ll get a response. Sadly, probably he receives too many PMs and it would take him the whole day, just non-stop replying to everyone.

Lets hope for the best, I bought this game for PvP, at rigth now it’s kidn fo hard with 30 fps to go against guys with 60+ pfff

EDIT: -high ???

Hopefully we can fix the sky glitch, it got my fps from 10 to 60. No lie.

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Another thing, chat in invisible with -force-feature-level-9-2 and lots of bugs

Yeah, it’s like the holy grail of “what you need, when you need it”. Guys that have very powerful PCs and aren’t having issues with the game can still play it as usual.

As for the others, with a budget PC, but not necessarily(there are still guys with monster PCs, that have problems with it) can try and use this as a temporary solution…

We really just need a fix for the sky at this point.

Gary where are u… Gaaaaaary :suicide:

My crappy work computer can almost run it with -force-feature-level-9-2… almost.

That’s quite the difference.

You have already done so much, i feel bad asking, but do you think you could upload a video link showing your results with one of the force codes? When I try -force-feature-level-9-3, everything looks like i’m dragging block trails everywhere. I’m just curious as to what your results were/ are.

-force-feature-level-9-3 makes my fps go from 15 to 60 +. The sky kinda blends in with the surrounding’s tho which is kinda annoying, but when i put the option ‘Anti Aliasing’ to x2 x4 x6 or x8, the sky comes back but the character goes upside down lol


Sets the priority of the game to high (May increase FPS)

Im putting in these setting on “Set Launch Options”. It changes nothing at all. Does this just not work for me? Id rather a mest up sky then have choppy fps. :confused:

Make sure your putting it exactly how its typed hash marks and everything