still possible to spoof steamids?

Hey guys, was on a 80 player server earlier that I am managing when “Garry :D” joined. Everyone got the achievement and heaps of circlejerking and dick sucking ensued.
I was skeptical as to whether it was Garry so I checked his last two weeks playtime for gmod, 0 hours.

Just wondering if anyone knows if you can still spoof steam ids after the latest update, and if possible how I would go about preventing it, thanks fam

I don’t think it is SteamID spoofing but a recent exploit has been going out with that achievement.

Ley what you up too. lol

It was garry’s steamid. Clicking on his name in the tab menu went to garry’s page.

There’s an exploit which is patched on dev that allows you to spoof your steamid clientside.

Yeah, It’s only clientside. That means that they can’t do anything harmful to the server, apart from looking like other players. The server still see’s them as themselves.

Yeah, had the same happen to me just now. Ended up banning the guy

Yeah, I went and found “garry :D”'s steam id.

it’s yours.

EDIT: Just read the post above, lmao

what a non-suspicious way to get around someone checking your aliases

Try my engine.dll :v:

I know exactly what server you were on :v: Got the achievement too

is there engine.dll that still works for the Garry thingy… even doe its updated?

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Cause i wanna have fun ^^

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damn i just brought some people in here, but none of them replys lol

The reason why I bytepatched engine.dll instead of releasing at as a dll, was incase gmod devs fail at fixing it - no one can use it anyways. It was just supposed to raise awareness - which it unlike 3 reports which haven’t been listened to did. The issue seems to be fixed now.

so i cant be garry anymore? or i can?

no, you can’t use this to be garry anymore

`so theres none update new version too? ;(

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R.I.P SteamID fun

lol. It was fun using this spoof :p. Rip

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But Lord garry fixed it. Anndd ended the party wich i didnt like xD

Lord garry? Are you dumb? Garry didn’t do a shit

But Garry owns the game! It’s clearly in the title! xd u r sill.e