Still searching for Chell's Portal 2 Model for Portal 1...

I search and search. Where Is this model?

ALSO, I’m looking for Portal 2 Chell in Garrysmod. :dance:

At the moment there’s one for GMod but it isn’t released.

Check here for updates on it:

Jeez. I knew I’d be sent that link. Yeah, I’ve allready been on that thread. It’s hard to miss when your searching through Portal 2 model porting.

Isn’t Chell’s Portal 2 model too high poly for the main version of Source that Portal uses?

If you’ve been in it and actually read it then you’d know there is no released Chell model yet. If you know about that thread then why did you make another thread for something that could be easily asked in that thread as well

I don’t think it is. If we are getting models from Transformers, Mortal Kombat 9 and other games, I’m pretty sure the new Chell could easily be ported.

Yeah, you’re no doubt right about that now that I think about it.

With the updated engine from Portal 2, the models don’t work in gmod. When decompiled, the model comes out broken (missing parts). With all of these various problems, it’s made it difficult to port the ragdolls from Portal 2 into Gmod.

On another note:
The Chell from Portal 2 I’ve been working on is near complete, thing it lacks most is good face posing.

I had allready read the thread from beginning to end. FYI : The thread sais there’s “no released Chell model yet” because the thread was posted a while ago. I’m looking for more up-to-date information, rather than old, useless crap. I set up my own thread becuase that thread wasn’t giving me any new information and the thread didn’t seem to have people that would give actual help, rather than just discussing how awesome it would be to have Chell in Gmod. I wan’t links, I wan’t people that promise a release.

Don’t go crying over the fact that I posted another thread. It doesn’t harm you in any way. If your not here to help, just take your un-helpful comments elsewhere.