Still some dupe things

Well i did figure out what was wrong with my gmod b4 (thanks to coolcorky for that), so now not even 24 hours later there is another problem. And though this one isn’t nearly as stupid as my first one, its still rather simple. On i searched adv, and the first adv dupplicator just doesn’t work. a couple threads below this one some guy was having the same, cannot creat thrusters, the answer to that was to use the latest version of adv. So, could someone give me the link for the latest version of advanced Duplicator and a detailed instruction thing to where i extract it?

The only thing that will work properly is this:
wiremod svn guide

It’s never a good idea to download an addon as wide used as Advanced Dupe off

Most extremely popular addons have SVN links. Follow the SVN guide that michie4life posted, then search on the Gmod wiki for “SVN Links”