Still stuck in this chicken s@#t outfit...

Anyone remember this guy I made ages ago but never released?

Anyone? No? Good, because it’s a piece of crap. But anyway, I’m working on this now:

Discuss or don’t.

Edit: The most up to date pic.

Stop acting like an ass, it isn’t that bad.

Holy fuck I think I remember that.

The nostalgic part of my mind has imploded upon itself.

I think it looks pretty good,
My question is; is it a ‘floppy’ model.
I’ve found I prefer those style ones for comics n’ such.

Oh hey, I remember that first one. You should finish it.

Although I think you should replace the Quake 4 marine’s head in there with something a little more modern. Like Francis’ head or something.

Oh yes please do continue.

I hope you finish this.

DO EET it looks perfect

I’m not allowed to dislike my older work?

Couldn’t if I wanted to, the files seem to be long gone. If I do happen to find them though, I’ll upload them so someone else can take over.

Anyways, small update:

Polyflow on the sides are a bit crappy, not to mention the lack of arm sockets, but I’ll go back and fix it later.

Also the cylinders need to be attached properly.

You’re using the Symmetry modifier, right?

Yeah… Why?

Another slow progress update:

Not bad.

Oh my god.
You are duplicating SGTHK’s work or even doing it better than him.

I love the looks!

Whats with you and saying “Duplicating work or even doing it better than”. For a lot of things?

I said the op version looks better.

Was that hard to understand?

No way in hell could I make mine look anywhere near as good as his.

I dig the look so far, may I ask where your inspiration came from? Because I’m getting a WH40K feel from it, though I’m not really familiar with that either.

Close, it’s a Starcraft 2 marine.

Ah shit I knew I’ve seen this guy. He’s everywhere at my Gamestop. Now that I can see where you’re going with this, it looks like you’re coming along nicely. Keep up the good work man.

Though out of curiosity, what’re you planning on doing once you finish him up? Is he going to be a ragdoll for Gmod?