Still unplayable cause of EAC

I can only play for 20 seconds at a time because I keep getting “Disconnected EAC not registered”

how do I register EAC?

I found a service in services.msc but if I start it, it just stops after 10 seconds

I read a dev say to try the delete service in the cmd but that didnt work either

I have windows 8, no antivirus, I have no firewalls, no realtime protection, nothing


If you check with regedit, which EAC service version do you have?

Here’s how to check it quickly:


Open the registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EasyAntiCheat.

The version should be 2, but if it is 1, you can fix this by re-installing EAC manually. Normally the service would get installed when verifying the game local cache, but this is not possible yet at this point.

To manually re-install EAC, perform the following steps:

  1. Create shortcut of EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe:
  2. Add “install 12” without quotes to the end of the shortcut:
  3. Click Apply, then start the shortcut as Administrator:

If this doesn’t fix the issue for you, please let us know, thanks.

Could you also link to your SteamID / community profile so that we can check if we had any connection from your client to the backend?

Hey eac knubbe,

I have had the same problem for a while now and i just tired this and it didn’t work could you help me out?

Start with following this instruction:

Hey eac knubbe

I screwed up and made another thread, but maybe you can take a look at what I posted.

my steamID is Dewmd66

Yep it’s version 2, games installed are 10 and 12

My steam profile is

But it’s private does that matter?

My steam ID is shadowcurtyz

and my profile is

I hope you can help me i really wanna play rust :frowning:

Here’s how i fixed it

Step 1: start

Step 2: type regedit

Step 3: click on it regedit program and click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then SYSTEM and then ControlSet002 or it’ll take along time to search

Step 4: press ctrl + f

Step 5: type in EasyAnti -> then edit ImagePath Make sure it says EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and nothing else

Step 6: it should say

But change it too

Make sure there are no spaces in the Setup install, Since facepunch adds them

Step 7: You’re all complete and you’ve fixed your rust.

And it’ll work, I just fixed my rust for experimental doing this.

I just tried this and it still didn’t work :frowning:

Mine worked for windows vista so it depends on your system yours is windows 7 as i can see from the icon so it might be in a different directory, but for all windows vista that have it stuck on it that’s your fix.

Yours might be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER

I did everything you said and it was all right, but it still didn’t work.

Your rust is corrupt then re-install delete the content on where you installed it and uninstall and reinstall from the menu, You’ll then get 2 folders 1 for experimental and 1 for legacy and another new folder, That’s the only thing i can think of, It happened to me and that’s how i fixed it.

I reinstalled rust twice already and still didn’t work.

@Dewm: I’d need your SteamID / link to profile to get the Steam GUID to make search on database.

@Nightblade91: Thanks for the link! I’ll check the connection logs and see if we ever got to know your game client, I’ll let you know soon.

@Nyaaaa: Thanks for the informative post! It would sound like an AV issue if something blocks the EAC service from being started in system folder, but would start normally outside Admin protected folder. Which anti-virus are you using? And also which Windows version (and 32/64bit) are you using? Thanks!

@ShadowPanda: Can you still start the game from Steam and enter game server before you get kicked, or are you having troubles launching the game?

I am able to start the game an join a server, but after 15 seconds I get disconnected.

Open Services.msc
Find EAC
Set to Automatic
Start Service
Run Rust Experimental

I faced the same issue for a long time as well. This fixed it for me.

This still didn’t work…


I started it but it came up with a Error: 2
Saying that the file couldn’t be located.

Try this:

Note, be careful in your Registry.