Still using the same seed (25) after a few wipes

I’ve been playing on the Texas server for the last few wipes and wondering if someone at FacePunch is forgetting to update the seed after each wipe or is this on purpose to test the procedural map changes against a known map?

I’m getting tired of this seed and will need to switch servers for a clean start. I’m assuming I’m not the only one getting tired of the same map. I just wanted to mention it in case it was something that was overlooked/accident.


I play on Toronto. Been the same seed for 4 wipes now… Getting a bit tired of this…

If it is for testing, they could at least cycle seeds between their other servers. It gets way too stale this way.

I was just about ready to bail after it didn’t change the previous wipe, but I simply can’t stand that map anymore. I’ve forfeited my blueprint progress and moved to a community server :confused:

by keeping the seed the same, you can tell what changes/issues arise when the procgen stuff is updated. if you want an experience more tailored to you having fun, i would suggest following lestache’s example and going to a community server instead. the official servers really are more for testing/game progression than a stable/enjoyable experience.

The thing is that it used to cycle. And now, suddenly, with no warning or explanation, it doesn’t anymore. If your reasoning is correct, why didn’t they do it before? And if it is intentional, why not give people a little heads up about it?

Come play on a community server…hell, I even put up 3 maps and let the community vote on which one they want to play. The official servers suck IMO and are no where near as awesome as a good community one.