This map was created purely for Darkspider’s gamemode ‘Darklands RPG’, but can be used for sandbox if you want to.


  • Large bright green valley as far as hammer will allow on the X/Y plane
  • 3 Large caves
  • A medium sized wood village with interiors
  • Flowing river

Note: Darklands RPG uses an instancing system. All the teleporting between the different areas (outside, building interiors, caves) is done via lua on the server. So if you play on sandbox then you need to use noclip to get to each area.

There’s a lot that still needs to be done, I rushed this version out because the open beta for Darklands RPG begins on the 30th of april.

Things I want to add include more cave enterances, more outposts (at the moment there is only one, and that only has one building) and redesign the huge tower thing

Please post any suggestions on improvements (But please try to fully explain what you’re saying, I’m a bit thick :P)

Could use some trees, perhaps.

It’s pretty enough, but way blurry.

Nice. I’m on the Darklandservers website under the same username, also.

Trees are serverside on the gamemode, created with an editor.

Yeah, I cranked up the mip mapping on those textures, I feel it reduces the look of some repeating textures. Although yes, it does look pretty damn blurry, I’ll see what I can do about that.

anyone else think “oblivion” when they saw the pics?

Those cave walls remind me of paralax mapping.

Seems pretty basic, the cave walls look like you subdivided them weird.

The outside areas are WAY to high scale, and it looks blurry as shit from far away.

You really need to explain. Just saying that I ‘subdivided them weird’ doesn’t mean a thing to me. How are they weird? What is odd about them? Specifics, man, specifics.

They look like eggs from this picture.

You should really change the grass an sand textures so they fit with the textures of the buildings. Look ridiculously out of place.

Server IP please.

Everyone, rate this man agree!

Not out yet, it would have been out yesterday but garry released an update which prolonged it. Apparently it’s going to be out today

When it’s “out”, post the IP, would you kindly?

I play too much Bioshock. :colbert:

nice, i read stalingrad btw

This map is fantastic but in Sandbox it’s not very funny to go somewhere in the map with noclip.I think it will be better if there are teleporters in Sandbox :frowning: . But the map is very beatiful , good work (Sorry for the bad english :p)

This is the IP for darkland rpg,

it’s closed though.

Pure love !

cool! Is beta test of darkland rp open?