Stinger's source tutorials Optimizing maps!

This is part one of a tutorial series I’m making on Optimizing maps. where I will try to explain how to make maps well optimized. and hopefully eliminate some misconceptions about the compiler. There are a ton of tutorials out there explaining how to optimize your maps. but they rarely explain what actually happens when you optimize your map. or why it happens.

I know that some of the stuff is not 100% accurate. but it’s far better than saying that visleafs are the equivelent of flooding your map with water :stuck_out_tongue:

I will continue to make more of these tutorials if I can find the motivation. when I do I’ll put them in this thread.

I like it, it’s really straight forward and it’s easy to comprehend.

He lost me at “several misconceptions”.

Back to making my flatgrass 2014.

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But honestly, this is really good. Thanks.

Good, but … its actually an areaportal.

Part two in the series. this one, covering what is probably the one most important piece to the puzzle that is building optimized maps.

It’s actually a combination of areaportal and normal visleaves but I ignored the areaportal part. Look again, the screenshot is not of the right place.

Good tutorials, I like how they’re short, sweet and to the point instead of spending about 8 or so minutes going into excruciating detail and potentially losing peoples interest or overwhelming them.

I really like them too. You do a really good job at making them to the point and making them easy to understand. Most people ramble on and on until you get confused or something.

I forgot all about loading the file that shows your portals or whatever. I just did it on my map, and I never noticed how lazy I’ve been about changing stuff to details lately. I just did it though, so now my map isn’t fullblue. :v:

Get it? Fullbright? Fullblue?

Yeah, okay.

Might want to talk about static props too.
Believe it or not, but even complex static props are cheaper / way cheaper, than physic versions.

Hey man cool tutorials, I am terrible at optimizing maps.

You had a picture at the beginning of the first one you should definitely touch on again.

the “GOOD/BAD” Brushwork one?
hmm… yeah I should make a tutorial on Brushwork.
Damn. Proper Brushworks is even more important than all of this. if you cant build your maps properly. what’s the point of trying to optimize them.

Part three in the series. this one, explaining how you can place down your own visleaves. It can be good when the compiler Derps and places them poorly.

I wouldn’t worry about adding the text onto the videos, its just a waste of effort.

And it makes me read it and it hurts when I’m reading and listening.

This last one was a bit more rushed than the ones before. If it takes longer that’s fine, but don’t talk so fast please. D:

Can you do another video on hints and skips but this time talk about scenarios where you don’t have a hallway with hint and skip wedge in a corner? I really want to learn how to optimize maps that have big rooms and maps with many rooms.

Thats a nice tutorial you made

I think that there is some kind of misunderstanding here. Visleaves are only good for areas where there is a corner. They are not magic, all they can do is “remove” non-visible geometry. for REALLY big rooms where you cant really obscure anything, You’d have to use fund_lod. and if said room is connected to another room. you could use visleaves as I showed in the first and third tutorial. but only in cases simalar to that are they really that usefull. You want Areaportals for other, more complex situations.

The only goal I had with the video was explaining how you place down visleaves yourself. I will probably make videos in the future where I explain how to use all of the methods of optimizing I will explain in conjunction with eachother.

Yea… The editing was a bit rushed. I ran out of ideas of what to have in the video so I just goggled for images :S

on that last one, it was pretty hard “focusing” on what you were saying more than on the background music.
Really interesting stats on the TF2 maps btw.

Is there any way to not make hammer generate visleafs on it’s own?