Stolen code

Solved, robotboy took it down

Contact Robotboy about it.

top lel
copy pasting basic code is fine but taking 100% of the credit for it is just pants on head retarded, hopefully that little shitlord gets banned from workshop

(User was banned for this post (""top lele" this isn't 4chan" - postal))

What’s so funny? (not you legendofrobbo)

Facepunch tip: ignore ratings

“Wtf why is everyone rating my post dumb”

Its down. Robotboy is the hero we need

lol sorry about that post, thank you so much Robotboy

Literally? LITERALLY!? :rolleyes: WTF?

(User was banned for this post ("Shitpost" - Blazyd))

For future reference a large portion of acecool’s helped stuff has a lovely comment at the top for you to verify his involvement.

Did he remove it yet?

fucking dying at Milk’s post, lmao

and why the fuck did you bump this

Shit dude, sounds like you have some serious health shizzle happening