Stolen content from me uploaded

Ok heres the quick 1 minute summary. We banned a person named NOGartia Jenkins off our server a while ago because we looked through his duplicator files and it contained my walker,Ratiasu 74 and my cargo plane, the Antonov 225

Just to prove that this walker is mine i had a demo video uploaded way back.

I just needed to get the message out before the guy got away from it, I already emailed support. Just take the upload down as soon as possible, thanks

At least he said he didn’t take any credit for it.
I’d be humbled.

Though he is an idiot and I wouldn’t want my shit to be represented by him.

You should see the amount of files he secretly stole from others using a wire nailer.

Wasn’t so secret, was it?

yeah because he named it RIOS_WALKER[STOLEN].txt
(im rio)

That’s hilarious.

The guy is probably gonna rage due to it being taken downed because hes such a fucking dumbass.

I don’t know if he could conjugate any words together that would form anything remotely recognizable as a rage.

Hes 12 and emo and im serious about that just look at the old chats i saved

You ignited sieze
Tool: Current settings applied.
Tool: Parent Set.
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: so stop using soap as lube retard
*NO*gartia jenkins: lube?
sieze: XD
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: are u retarded 
sieze: lol no i buy lube
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: do u not know wat lube means
*NO*gartia jenkins: no
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: LOL
DiscoBiscuit: use bengay as lube
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: wat
sieze: no use tiger bolmm its the best 
*NO*gartia jenkins: i am 12 so idk wat it is
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: wat
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: im 12 wat is this
DiscoBiscuit: i am 12 and what is this

peewee1112: BITCH GO CRY EMO KID
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: in ur dreams
*DEAD* *NO*gartia jenkins: i am emo but i dont cry
[GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: what
peewee1112: DONT LIE
DiscoBiscuit to [GDI]Γιοѕпчрєѓ: LOL

He’s going to threaten suicide to someone online sometime.

Probably lol.

Don’t worry, he will stop eventually.

Did you tell them about how he duped lots of other people’s things and is STILL claiming he owns it?

sigh it was stupid of me but i was kinda new at the time and i shouldnt have done it and disco thats a fucking lie i never took credit and im sorry.if i could go back in time i would stop my self from meeting this guy who showed me all his shit that he stole and told me how. i just realy wish i could go back on your server disco. i am sorry to anyone i stole from

(hirollin99 is a different name i use)

gartia jenkins-